Pipe cutters and more

Pipes are thick, durable and reliable. However, their durability makes them difficult to bend, break or cut, which is why the pipe cutter is an exceptionally convenient tool for advanced handymen, carpenters and construction workers.

Besides their ability to cut through dense material like pipes, cutters are a good tool choice because they are quicker and easier than alternatives like hacksaws or utility knives. You might be surprised to know that there are actually a few different types of pipe and tube cutters available on the market, each with a specific purpose and targeted user. Here are some types of cutters that might be useful to you.

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Mini-Tube Cutter

Constructed of zinc alloy, the mini-tube cutter is a good starting point for the do-it-yourselfer and home handyman. Intended to help cut through copper, aluminum, brass and plastic, most mini-tube cutters have an opening that fits pipes ranging in diameter from ⅛ to ⅞ inches. They are the most affordable option, but their ability is limited by their size. However, a mini-tube cutter is also useful as a wire cutter.

"Deluxe" Tube Cutter

Made of zinc, the heavy-duty deluxe tube cutter is able to cut through copper, aluminum, brass and plastic. It uses a spring reamer to its advantage, and in some cases it comes with a spare cutting blade. Designed for more advanced users, the deluxe tube cutter cuts through pipes ranging from ⅛ to 1⅛ inches in diameter.

Rebar Cutter

Heavy-duty construction projects require heavy-duty tools. The rebar cutter uses a handle and clamp design that attaches to a flat surface. The rebar fits through an opening, and pressure is applied to the attached handle. The cutting jaws are replaceable on most models, and the handles can be swapped out for longer ones offering more advanced leverage and power. Most manual rebar cutters are available for under $300, with the powered electrical versions—for quicker and easier cutting—creeping up to $800.

Vinyl Cutter

For cutting through less dense materials, a sharp utility knife can do the trick, but because construction sometimes goes hand in hand with made-on-demand advertising and safety signs, a vinyl cutter is useful for producing speedy and precise eye-catching graphics.