Discover great new, used and mini bulldozers

A bulldozer is an extremely powerful piece of heavy construction equipment that is used to prepare a site for development by moving large volumes of earth and debris. It is equipped with a track for superior traction on rough terrain, and it has a large metal blade that is used to peel back the top layers of soil. Bulldozers started out as small farm tractors that were converted to plow fields. From there, they were improved and strengthened for more heavy-duty purposes, including land development in the construction industry and demolitions during the Second World War. Today, most bulldozers are also equipped with a ripper blade in the back that helps to break up rock and loosen roots and soil, to condition the land for building purposes.

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Bulldozers are used for everything from minor construction and development, to major projects like creating dams and digging canals. They can be fitted with one of three different blades: straight (S-blade), universal (U-blade) or S/U-combination blades, which are shorter and have less curvature. There are also mini bulldozers that, like mini excavators, sacrifice some of the power of the full-sized machine in exchange for the ability to operate in much smaller quarters.

Choosing the Right Bulldozer

Bulldozers come in many sizes for just about every application you can imagine. Caterpillar bulldozers are the best known and most popular; however, Komatsu bulldozers and John Deere bulldozers are major competitors. Choosing your brand of bulldozer will come down to the features that you need, your personal preference and your budget. For the biggest and highest-quality machines, you can expect to pay in the neighborhood of six figures; used bulldozers for sale can cost about half as much, depending on the machine's age, condition and the number of hours of use. However, saving money by purchasing a used bulldozer can lead to problems down the road if your maintenance costs are high.

Rather than checking for bulldozers for sale, it may be in your best interest to look into leasing or renting a bulldozer instead. This will depend on your circumstances, the project you're working on and your cash flow. The advantage of leasing is that you don't have to commit a significant amount of money up front to acquire a bulldozer; instead, you'll have regular monthly payments that often include service calls. If something is wrong with the equipment, it is generally repaired or replaced at no further cost to you, which lets you focus on meeting your deadlines rather than worrying about costly breakdowns.

For small-scale or short-term jobs, renting is another option that works for many businesses—equipment companies can offer rentals by the month or even the day. Just keep in mind that monthly rental fees are often more than a long-term lease, so if your project is going to take longer than originally expected, try to switch your rental to a lease.