Construction Cranes

Stay on top of your project with a construction crane

Construction cranes are versatile tools that can help you do anything from moving a heavy load to putting the roof on a 100-storey building. There are several different options you can consider when shopping for a crane machine, but before you buy one, consider the size of the job, the number of people involved and your budget.

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The main thing you should consider when shopping for a construction crane is the type of portability you need for the job. There are static cranes that can be installed in one place, there are mobile cranes that can be driven around a job site and there are cranes that can be installed onto a truck or excavator to make them more portable.

You may also want to shop for a crane that has easily replaceable parts, such as the crane valves. A construction crane is a huge investment, and you want to make sure that you can use it for all of your jobs for years to come. Easily replaceable parts that are readily available from your local dealer can make any repair job simple.

Crawler Crane

A crawler crane is your most portable option in construction cranes. Stabilized (and moved) on tracks, a crawler crane requires little in the way of setup, and can be moved around a job site quickly and easily. If you use your crane frequently, a crawler crane is probably a good choice. However, you also have to consider that most crawler cranes are quite large and they don't move quickly. That means if you're trying to transport the crane in between different job sites, it can take a long time, or you may have to disassemble it and have it shipped to another site.

Crane Cams and Crane Valves

Crane cams, or crane camshafts, and crane valves are the most commonly replaced parts on any construction crane. Some owners and operators will even replace their cams and valves with aftermarket parts in order to increase the power of the crane.

If you're planning on replacing any parts in your construction crane, make sure that any adjustments you make still fit with the manufacturer's specifications, which are designed with efficiency and safety in mind.