Radio Control Crane

Use a remote control crane to increase your frequency of success

Radio control construction equipment is the wave of the future. Heavy equipment such as a radio control cranes can increase the profitability of your construction company by lowering man-hour costs and increasing the safety of your work site. RC cranes can also help reduce the instances of human error in the use of your equipment, which will also save you money in the long run.

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However, if you're looking to automate your construction practices and are considering something like radio-controlled construction cranes, you have to make sure that you and all your workers are properly trained in the operation of these new technologies, since it's still possible for human error to occur even with automated processes.

Mobile Crane

A mobile crane can be one of the most useful tools on your job site. Even more, when that mobile crane is radio controlled, you can send it into the trenches to do all the dirty work without any concern for the safety of your workers. If you're dealing with dangerous materials, instability or any kind of extreme build, a radio-controlled crane can leave your workers safely at a distance while the machine takes care of the job.

Remember, though, that proper operation of a radio-controlled mobile crane can be a little tricky, and is certainly harder to get the hang of than working a traditional crane. With a radio-controlled crane, you have less visibility of the situation that the crane is in, and you also don't have that human touch that can make quick adjustments to unexpected hazards. However, at the same time, a radio-controlled crane isn't at risk of inexperienced, tired or distracted operators.

Remote Control Crane

A remote control crane can be programmed from a distance to complete a job, or it can be manually operated using a remote. However, the reliability of a remote control crane is only as good as its signal. Make sure that you test your work site for interruptions before you start working with the crane, since something as simple as a tall building or a dip in the landscape can make it difficult for the signal to travel properly.