Tower Cranes

How a tower crane can heighten your productivity

Tower cranes are a common site on many construction sites, particularly those that are dealing with high-rise construction. Sometimes called building cranes, or referred to as high-rise cranes, these cranes are less portable than a crawler crane but offer increased stability on the job site and are particularly useful when you find yourself building up rather than out. These cranes are used to lift steel, concrete, other building materials, heavy machinery and extreme weights to the upper levels of a high-rise building under construction safely and securely.

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Radio-Controlled Tower Crane

A radio-controlled tower crane, like any radio control crane, is a popular option on the most high-tech construction sites because it offers increased reliability and safety for the workers. While manually operated tower cranes require an operator or worker to sit within the crane, often at extreme heights, a radio-controlled tower crane can be operated from a distance, requiring no worker to risk his or her life sitting on top of a tower.

Although tower cranes are supported with a secure system of concrete pads and heavy anchor bolts, and instances of tower cranes collapsing are few and far between, it's still possible for accidents to happen. If a tower crane is going to collapse, there is less opportunity for injury if that crane is remote-operated.

Used Tower Cranes

Shopping for used tower cranes is easy if you know where to look. Your local heavy machinery dealer is a great source of information, and may even have a few used machines kicking around. Online auctions are another great source of used heavy equipment, including tower cranes. You may also want to keep an eye out for local auctions and sales, since many construction companies like to sell their used equipment when they upgrade.

When buying used construction equipment, make sure that you have a mechanic check out all the working parts to make sure that you're getting a piece that's safe to use on your site. Also make sure that all of your workers are properly trained on any equipment they use.