Truck Cranes

The benefits of a pickup truck crane

Truck cranes, or truck-mounted cranes, can be useful tools when you need a portable lifting solution. You can find all types of different truck-mounted cranes that can be used with many different truck sizes, including pickup trucks, boom trucks and transport trucks. The type of truck crane that you choose should be suited to the equipment you have available; that is, you should make sure that you don't pick up a crane that is too large to fit into the truck. Also make sure that the crane doesn't exceed the manufacturer's recommended weight limitations of your truck.

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Pickup Truck Crane

A pickup truck crane, sometimes called a bumper crane, is an accessory that can easily turn your construction pickup truck into a versatile tool. You can use the lift or crane to move heavy loads around a job site, or you can simply use the tool to help you lift heavy objects into your truck. Many pickup truck cranes are designed to handle thousands of pounds, but make sure that you're not exceeding the load limits on your truck, or you could find yourself with a few flat tires.

Used Crane Truck

Finding a used crane truck can be easy, particularly if you're looking for a pickup truck crane or a smaller crane truck. While looking for a larger mobile mounted tower crane can be difficult (since they are few and far between), finding a smaller crane to help you with the tougher job site loads can be as easy as a quick Internet search.

You may also find that your local truck dealership has some great used accessories. When a customer trades in their old work trucks, they often leave the accessories attached in order to get more money for the vehicle. The dealership will then sell the used truck separate from the accessories, in order to make a little bit more money by selling everything separately. However, you may also find a great deal on a tricked-out truck with all the gadgets for sale on the lot.