Dump Truck Parts

Tips for choosing dump trucks with quality truck beds and more

For many construction companies, a dump truck is often an essential part of any project. Designed to transport loose material from one site to another, it can be very important in keeping a job moving along at a good pace. Knowing a little something about major truck components, such as dump truck bodies and dump truck mufflers, is absolutely necessary in keeping a project productive and maintaining a reasonable budget. Here are some of the most important dump truck parts you should be aware of.

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Dump Truck Bodies and Dump Truck Beds

The most important part of a dump truck body is the truck bed, the component that houses material for transporting. Several different kinds of bodies are available, and they are often made of either aluminum or steel. Each of these two materials has its advantages: manufacturers of aluminum dump truck bodies boast that their goods are lighter than the alternative (allowing a driver to carry more material while keeping under the U.S. road standards maximum), but steel producers contend that their products are more durable and longer-lasting.

Dump truck beds aren't just for massive construction trucks. These dump truck parts can actually be added to large pickup trucks, allowing a construction company to build its own miniature dump truck, which can complement or even replace other dump trucks. The most popular dump truck bed kits are hydraulic lifts, which include the installation of a hydraulic cylinder lift at the bed's front end and a hinge system at the rear. Adding a dump truck bed to a pickup truck can be a cost-effective alternative to purchasing a new dump truck.

Dump Truck Bed Liners

One of the best ways to maintain a dump truck bed is to install a really good dump truck bed liner. The best liners are designed to allow a driver to haul different materials each day, from gravel to sand to asphalt, with minimal impact on the truck itself. QuickSilver brand is a popular option for dump truck owners; it offers a customizable and seamless liner with a three-year warranty.

Like a backhoe or other heavy or industrial equipment used in construction projects, a dump truck must be properly maintained to work well, and that requires knowledge of the best parts and resources for your truck, and replacing or upgrading essential components to improve its performance.

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