Office Trailers

Is a modular office trailer right for you?

Office trailers allow construction companies to have a mobile headquarters at each of their construction sites. Not only does an office trailer create a place where administrative duties can be carried out, but it can also be equipped with a shower, toilet and lockers so that employees clean up and change after work. It can even provide a place for workers to eat their lunch on cold or rainy days. Work areas that have electricity, heat, lighting and Internet or satellite connections are required to enable supervisors to operate and communicate effectively while away from the main office. Mobile office trailers help to fill the need to have a suitable work area when it just doesn't make sense to have a permanent structure erected.

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Modular Officer Trailers

A popular choice for a temporary office setup is a modular office trailer. These trailers can be delivered to the job site and constructed quickly. They are also customizable and come in several different sizes and configurations to meet the needs of just about any client application. Many come standard with steel doors, latches, semi-tinted windows to reduce glare and white roofs that reflect heat. The great thing about modular offices is that, just like your heavy equipment, tools and other construction necessities, they can easily be moved to a new site once work at a current site is complete. They are also excellent for creating additional office space when your business is growing beyond the constraints of your current building, but you're not yet prepared to move to a new location.

Renting vs. Purchasing a Mobile Office

Buying a mobile office costs more up front, but offers more customization options since you can literally get one made to order. However, portable office trailer rentals are another option that works well for many companies, especially if the additional space the trailer provides is required only for a fixed amount of time. If you buy new, there's a good chance that you'll have to wait until your new office is ready to be shipped to your location, especially if you've customized your order in any significant way. By comparison, used office trailers are more affordable for single or limited use, and more convenient in time-sensitive scenarios.

Modular offices are a great solution for companies that need more room but aren't prepared to expand with a permanent structure; they're also perfect for construction companies that require a temporary office headquarters while working on-site. As always, it's recommended that you obtain several quotes prior to selecting a company to buy or lease your office trailer from.