Road Construction Equipment

Find the best construction equipment to build a road

The most important elements of road construction equipment are the heavy vehicles designed to perform specific construction tasks such as demolition, transportation, loading and unloading. Many construction machines and vehicles use hydraulics as their main way to transfer power: on excavators, it helps move the arm and the bucket, while on dump trucks it opens the open-box hinge to spill the bed's contents.

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Road construction equipment is expensive and complicated to use, which means it's important for anyone interested in these massive pieces of machinery to spend significant time learning about and training to operate each one. Here are examples of some of the most important pieces you need if you are looking for construction equipment to build a road.


Excavators remove soil from the ground, and so their presence is pivotal on most building sites. These pieces of heavy machinery feature a boom, a bucket and a cab on a rotating platform above tracked wheels. Because excavators are often enormous, it takes precision and skill to operate one, and therefore an excavator should be approached only by trained and experienced personnel.

Dump Trucks

The most widely-known piece of construction equipment, dump trucks come in many different designs. Most use hydraulics to lift up their massive beds, spilling transported road-building contents ranging from asphalt to sand.

Asphalt Rollers and Graders

An asphalt roller, or road roller or steam roller, is a medium-sized vehicle that features enormous steel cylinders that pack asphalt and smooth out roadways.

Like the asphalt roller, the grader's purpose is to create a flat and even surface. It does this not with a giant cylinder, however, but with special blades attached to a tractor-like body across three axles. Graders are sometimes used for snow removal during the winter months in northern climates.

Road Construction Equipment Lighting

Accessories for road construction projects are sometimes as important as the machinery itself. For example, products like Allmand Port-A-Lite light balloons provide road construction equipment lighting by illuminating a large section of the job site with 2,000-watt halogen bulbs, keeping workers alert and safe during nighttime projects. Port-A-Lite tripods are available for lighting at heights ranging from 11 to 27 feet.