Choose an A+ road grader

A grader, sometimes also called a road grader, blade, maintainer or motor grader, is a piece of heavy construction machinery with several unique applications. Featuring a long blade that hangs beneath the chassis between the driver cab and the front wheels, the grader is most often used to flatten surfaces, be they gravel, sand, dirt or asphalt. In some instances, a grader will feature a second blade attached to the front wheels to provide additional precision when evening out a surface.

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Graders are often a crucial part of civil engineering and urban development projects because they are used to finish the grade roughly set by heavier and less precise equipment like scrapers and bulldozers. Most of their work is associated with dirt and gravel roads and in setting the base foundation for the application of asphalt on paved highways. During the winter months, graders are sometimes used for snow removal purposes, and in northern climates they can be seen along highways and in parking lots after heavy snowfalls.

Finding a Used Road Grader

Since a road grader, like an asphalt roller, is an integral part of most road construction projects, it's important for every construction company, large or small, that does road work to own one. However, graders are not particularly cheap, so if you are on a tight budget, you should consider looking at used motor graders. Finding one can be a tricky task, but most large cities should have at least a few on the market. Certain websites, such as Equipment Locator Service (ELS), specialize in connecting sellers of used road construction equipment with potential buyers. However, you should really inspect and drive any vehicle before purchasing it.

Maintaining a Road Grader

Keeping your grader functioning properly is very important. Arguably, there's no more crucial component than the grader blade, which over time and use on many projects can become rusted, pimpled and warped. Construction crews have to keep a close eye on their grader blades, since allowing them to decline too far past their ideal condition could have a significant effect on the quality of grading jobs. Graders that operate in the winter for snow removal purposes should receive extra attention, with rustproofing to prevent unnecessary damage to the blade due to the presence of salt on highways and in parking lots.