Power Tools

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Power tools get their name from the electric motors, compressed air motors or internal combustion engines that make them faster, more powerful and more convenient than the average manual tool. Heavy-duty power tools are most often used in the construction industry for jobs that include nailing, cutting, drilling, grinding, polishing and heating. Some construction tools, particularly woodworking power tools, fit in the palm of one's hand – such as cordless power tools including hand drills or electric sanders – while others are stationary, sacrificing portability for speed and efficiency. Stationary instruments include table saws and drills. Here's a look at some of the most popular and useful power tools.

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Power Saw

The power saw is one of the handiest shop tools for home and commercial work projects. A circular saw can allow you to make straight cuts across just about any material. For larger projects, a stationary circular saw, or table saw, will let you cut through a lot of wood in a very short span of time. Other power saws include the saber saw, sometimes called a jigsaw, which uses a blade strip to cut curves and holes into a sheet of wood. A miter saw can be used for angled cuts to make window and door frames and can also be used to make straight cuts.

Power Drill

The power drill is perhaps the quintessential portable power tool. It uses an electrical motor and a replaceable drill bit to make quick and easy holes in wood, plastic or certain metals. Most corded drills use a 110-volt electrical cord to power through materials, but other versions may swap in a rechargeable battery for more portability. Aside from cordless drills, there are also table drills that offer even more power by sacrificing portability.


Surprisingly, the chain saw is used for purposes other than scaring teenagers in cheesy '80s horror films. Instead, it's an extremely useful portable mechanical saw powered by either electricity, compressed air, hydraulics or a two-stroke engine. It's most often used for taking down trees, cutting wood or pruning. Some specialized chain saws can be used to cut concrete.