Drill Bits

Find the drill bit to make your work a bit easier

If you're looking to make deep cylindrical holes in material ranging from wood to stone, then it's important to be familiar with the many different styles of drill bits. Drill bits are held in an electric drill or cordless drill, and when triggered by the motor, they rotate quickly to propel the bit through the material's surface. Some bits are designed to make slim cylindrical holes, while others are specially built to maximize width—as such, bits often look dramatically different.

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The most popular type of drill bit is the twist drill bit, which was invented almost 150 years ago by American Steven A. Morse in East Bridgewater, Massachusetts. Today, there are several different types of twist drill bits, each with their own special uses.

High Speed Steel (HSS) Bits and Titanium-Coated Drill Bits

Are you using a softer type of wood to build a barn, shed or deck? Then the multipurpose HSS drill bit is probably right for you. It's cheap and relatively durable, depending on the surface you're drilling through. If the material is something harder like rock, choose another type of bit. A carbide drill bit is specially coated in order to reduce friction while the bit is drilling through a harder material. Choosing these types of drill bits, which are typically more expensive than HSS bits, can help your bits last up to six times longer.

Diamond Drill Bits

If you need to drill through rock, glass or tile, the best option is the exceptionally durable diamond drill bit. Pay attention to how the package markets the product: is it appropriate for the job? You should also think about the size and shape of the diamond drill bit, and you'll also need to consider whether or not the bit will fit your drill—some bits are specially engineered for use with either a lapidary drill, regular drill or a Dremel drill. Finally, since diamond drill bits can be expensive, if you need more than just a few, check to see if they're being sold wholesale, to reduce your costs.

You can maintain your drill bits with a drill bit sharpener like the Drill Doctor. Keeping a close eye on the wear of your drill bit sets can in turn help make sure your project goes smoothly and your cordless drill stays in good condition for a long time.