Chain Saw

Electric vs. gas chain saws and more

A chain saw is an exceptionally useful device. A portable mechanical saw powered by electricity, hydraulic power, compressed air or even a small motor, the chain saw's rotating blade can be used to fell trees, slice up cut logs or prune standing trees and bushes. Chain saws have many other uses – from designing custom ice art for weddings or juggling in risky daredevil shows – but most often they are used for more practical things by the home handyman or commercial contractor. There are several questions that need to be answered when considering the purchase of a new chain saw, but the big one is whether you should buy a saw powered by electricity or gas.

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Electric Chain Saws

There are some benefits in using an electric chain saw over the gas-powered version. First, it's easier to start-up – there's no yanking a chain to get the motor running. Second, it's quieter – a handy option if you live in a quiet community. Third, they tend to be a little bit cheaper. Finally, electric powered chainsaws usually require less maintenance, meaning they're great for the only moderately handy do-it-yourselfer.

Gas Chain Saws

Not sure about an electric chain saw? Well, the alternative is usually a gas-powered device. Their benefits include portability, thanks to the lack of a cord typically necessary to power an electric saw. Second, a gas chain saw is usually more powerful, because of the beefy two-stroke engine found in many of them. Third, gas chain saws offer more customization via several different bar lengths, so you can tailor the size of the saw to the job. Finally, gas chain saws tend to possess superior bar oiling systems, keeping them maintained for the long term.

When buying a chain saw, there are other things to consider beyond its power source. Most importantly, think about this: do you really need a big, powerful saw? If you're only trimming small or medium-sized trees or bushes, all you'll likely need is a smaller electric chain saw to perform the task. Second, whatever the size of chain saw, be sure to look into a chain saw sharpener in order to maximize the blade's lifetime. Third, when buying a used model, look closely at each chain saw part to make sure everything is running properly. Finally, a chain saw doesn't fit every task – if you're cutting rock or concrete, it's best to look into a concrete saw.